Gwen Lofman

2019 Jan 2019 Apr

VR Location Scouting Tool


As part of an interdisciplinary film class, I worked as a programmer to create a Unity Oculus Go application to save cinematography professors and film students 200 work-days a year planning shots and locations, and to help teachers build their students’ intuition of how time and space effect cinematography choices. From April 5th to April 7th we presented at the Smithsonian.

Working on this project afforded me the opportunity to not only learn more about developing a VR application, but also to work with a team to develop a business plan.

On the technical side, I designed a unified event system in C# to handle controller input and interactions: this allowed me to centralize the logic for handling input and its edge cases, requring only one object to query input on every frame. The input system paved the way for us to quickly implement almost all interactions using events. I took the lead on designing the menuing system, using coroutines to handle fades and transitions triggered by events, and implemented a raycaster which propagated input events to game objects under the raycaster.


Our class went to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to exhibit our VR Location Scout to the public at the ACCelerate Festival. We pitched our application to members of the public from age 6 to 80, and they were all able to use the application with relative ease.