Gwen Lofman

2018 Sep 2019 May

FSU Innovation Hub

Computer Programming Intern

Maintain the FSU Innovation Hub's GitHub presence and work on the Key Results of a state-of-the-art innovation space. Provide assistance with 3D printing, Virtual Reality equipment, and any other needs presented by faculty, staff, or students in the space.

FSU Innovation Hub Website

The Innovation Hub, also known as the Hub, has a student-maintained website which allows us to more quickly tailor things to the Hub's needs. However, only the director has access to the WebDAV server and must perform updates manually. Thus, I worked on using Travis-CI in order to automate the deploy process so we can update the site through GitHub immediately, without much more than an approved pull-request. This ultimately saves the director precious time and gives the student web development team more ownership over the process of updating and improving the Innovation Hub's website.